contact lenses

contact lenses

contact lenses

contact lenses

There are a number of reasons why you might prefer contact lenses over standard eyewear. They allow a glasses-free look with hassle-free vision correction. We offer several types of contact lenses for our patients.

  • Personalized fitting designs to address you unique vision demands and lifestyle.

  • Contact lens options for all ages (from pediatric to bifocals).

  • Contact lens for all activities (from over-night wear to part-time sports).

  • Cosmetic contacts for enhancing eye color, costume, or prosthetic use.

  • Wide range of lens types available such as one-day use, soft disposables, toric lenses for astigmatism, rigid gas permeable, hard, scleral, hybrid material lenses, bifocals, and more.

  • Thorough contact lens fitting and instruction, including lessons on insertion, removal, wear-time, usage & cleaning regimens.

  • High tech instrumentation assisted fits, such as computerized corneal topography.

  • Contacts for treatment of eye disease, including dry eyes and injuries.

  • Contacts for post-surgical correction (like after LASIK).

  • ​​​​​​​Free in-office trial possible for qualified patients.

  • Large in-office supply of contact lens supply and trials.

  • Convenient online contact lens order service ensures fast and accurate filled prescriptions

  • As a courtesy, we are happy to bill your vision insurance for contact lenses benefits.

  • Free shipping and manufacturer rebates available on many orders.

  • As a courtesy, we are happy to bill your vision insurance for any optical benefits.

  • We invite our patients to visit us regularly for courtesy glasses adjustments, minor repairs, and cleaning.

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